27 Ways I Will Never Fuck My Mother

A raw, funny and moving solo show for two people that asks how we prepare for loss, whether you can use brace positions to protect yourself from loss, and what becomes of you after you lose something.


Rachel’s narrative explores her love affair with her 92 year old grandmother, being shit at sport, how Hitler is always at the breakfast table and why 5’3” is two inches too tall to be Jewish.

nat’s side of the story is about how far you should go in a quest to be teacher’s pet, how to make sense of the world when you don’t grow up in your family of origin and what to do when you become older than your older brother.

Their timelines converge in an on-going competition to out-boy each other and an obsession with Dustin Hoffman.


The show was first developed and performed as part of the Barbican Theatre Plymouth’s ‘In the Flesh’ Festival in 2007. It then received support from ‘The Scene Pool’ at Camden People’s Theatre where it was shown in early 2008. It received development support from BAC and was performed there in Summer 2008.