Mars.tarrab is Rachel Mars and nat tarrab.

A live-art take on the classic double act, they met in 2007 and were drawn together by a mutual fascination with gender outlawism, the rhythms of comedy, competition, aggression and feminist politics. One small, one tall, their relationship is always bouncing between conflict and love. nat tarrab is also a visual artist; this informs the construction of the work with its large stage pictures and image based structure. They take complex concepts and figure out ways to transform them into arresting stage pictures, seeking to represent something but also critique it from within the image.


Their shows are highly physical, visceral, funny and powered by an intricacy of form.


Their interrogations have included the tomboy experience, the legacy of the pop and politics of the 80s, the game of comparing traumatic cultural heritage and the bodily workings of loss.


They are the 2017 winners of the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award with their new work ROLLER. Other commissions have included Ovalhouse, Islington Exhibits and House Theatre.


Matt Trueman on Mars.tarrab's process:

"There are a lot of different things going on here: at base, the simple generation of material, but simultaneously, the twisting, entwining and colliding that takes it to the next level. In playing the cycle through, allow each rotation to inspire the next, it both churns the material, folding it in and back on itself... it’s not unlike a Rubik’s cube done in reverse, twisted at speed until the colour-blocks shuffle into something unexpected".